Friday, 7 July 2017

5 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

What, according to you, is the fastest platform for spreading a word about a new product, service or any newsworthy item? If the term flashing in your mind is Social Media, you’re absolutely right! It just takes minutes to a tweet, status update, picture or video to go viral across the globe which is way faster than any other traditional media. The number of social media users has witnessed an enormous growth in the last decade. Millions of people spend a lot of time on websites like Facebook & Twitter which is the key reason it has been on top of the target list of social media marketing companies. Here in this article, we have listed 5 Social Media Marketing tips, which could help you in making your social media presence stronger.

1.     Post your content consistently

You cannot build your own audience if you’re not timely with your posts. Keeping your social media updated with your latest work is very essential to increase audience engagement. Posting relevant, interesting and unique content on a timely manner would help you in getting noticed.

 Analyze past for better future posts

You could analyze your past content to get a better understanding of keywords. You could easily analyze the performance of keywords, you have been using in your posts. It gives you a clear picture of what keywords you should mostly use, what you should discontinue using and what new you could come up with.

2.     Use Hashtags smartly

A leading social media marketing agency, in a survey, found out that random and irrelevant use of hashtags had no benefits. To get effective results through hashtags, you could create one of your own or use an existing one which compliments your story or post. Also, flooding your post with several hashtags is not necessary at all. Use one which is being widely used and you think is related to the topic you’re posting about.

5.     Use effective visual content

Using effective yet relevant visual content will help you gain your audience’s attention. A good quality post is not enough as it needs to be presented in an attractive manner as well. Effective visual content captures audience attention and delivers your message in a very engaging way. For example, if posting a blog, you could include your blog title on your graphic. Also, various companies have emerged who provide paid social media marketing services. These SMO services could also be availed if you have a good budget.

4.     A proper channel plan

You will have to learn to identify the goals of different social platforms. The content generation for each platform also has to be different. Your goal, the type of content, structure of posts, tone of addressing, desired action etc are some of the key things you need to plan for a successful social media marketing campaign.

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